April 26, 2021

What you Need to Know About Male Boudoir Photography


It’s Time to Talk About Male Boudoir Shoots

In this day and age, not enough time is dedicated to discussing male boudoir shoots. Boudoir tends to be associated primarily with females, dressed either in lingerie or partially nude. They help her to feel empowered, sexy, and more confident in their skin. The truth is, men have just as many body image concerns and insecurities as women, it is just less socially acceptable for men to talk about them. Male boudoir photography is an incredible way for men to empower themselves and increase their confidence in their own body. I am dedicated to providing you with the ideal way to get male boudoir photos, while prioritizing your comfort along the way. I want to take some time to really talk about male boudoir photography and all of the benefits that one of these shoots can provide, both for your own confidence and your relationships.

Express Emotion

It’s no secret that men have a great deal of social pressure that makes it difficult for them to truly express their emotions. It can feel incredibly vulnerable to tell a significant other how you really feel about them. Boudoir photoshoots are an amazing way to express emotions that may be tough to express verbally. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so a male boudoir shoot can be the best way to show a loved one how much you care.

Appreciate your Body

Whenever body image issues are discussed, women tend to be at the forefront of the discussion. However, this doesn’t mean that women are the only ones that feel insecure about their appearance. A male boudoir shoot can help you to appreciate your body and see yourself in a new light. It doesn’t matter what your body looks like! All you need to have a boudoir body is a boudoir photographer and a body. Male boudoir shoots are a great way to learn to love your body as it is, as well as increase your confidence.

Can Be a Gift… But Doesn’t Have to Be

Many people consider having a boudoir photoshoot to provide a sexy, unique gift for their significant other. This can provide multiple benefits because it is an incredibly intimate, personal, and meaningful gift. However, boudoir photos don’t have to be for anyone else- they can be just for yourself! Having a boudoir photoshoot can help you to increase your confidence and self-esteem in and of itself. Whether you choose to gift the photos to a loved one or keep them yourself, this photoshoot provides long-lasting benefits.

The Power of Male Boudoir Photography

I believe that it is important to change the fact that boudoir photoshoots are uncommon for men. Men should feel empowered and confident in their own skin. A boudoir photoshoot provides you with the opportunity to let your guard down a little and show off what you’ve got! When you have boudoir photos taken, you are also gaining the opportunity to truly appreciate your body and its inherent beauty. I can help you to create some tasteful photos that you can share with a loved one, spouse, or whoever else you desire!

I Prioritize your Comfort

When they think about boudoir shoots, many people think “Oh no, I could never do that.” It’s possible that the idea is just outside of their comfort zone, so they immediately overlook the possibilities that can come with this type of photoshoot. When it comes to your boudoir shoot, I focus on making you feel comfortable. After all, there is absolutely no shame in getting high-quality photos of yourself shirtless or partially clothed! It doesn’t matter what your body type is, every man should feel comfortable in their own skin. I am passionate about creating an environment where you can feel comfortable and get high-quality photos that will enhance your confidence.

What to Expect with your Male Boudoir Shoot

Understanding what to expect can go a long way toward alleviating any anxiety you might have around your photoshoot. Most of my men’s boudoir shoots are done in a studio, though they may also be done within a home or Airbnb rental. The sessions take about an hour, though this is more flexible given the delicate and intimate nature of boudoir shoots. I understand that it can take a little longer to warm up to the camera during a boudoir shoot and I care about ensuring that you are comfortable throughout the process.

How you feel about yourself and getting the best possible pictures are more important to me than staying strictly within the hour timeframe. However, keep in mind that if we are in a studio, we may have a stricter time limit due to the studio rental. During the boudoir photoshoot, we will use lighting techniques to show off parts of your body in the best way possible and I will provide you with guidance through every step of the process.

Love and Appreciate your Body

Are you feeling down about your body? Do you want more confidence and comfort in your own skin? A male boudoir photoshoot can help! These shoots often aid in increased confidence, as well as help you to appreciate your body as it is. In addition to this, you’ll get some sexy photos out of the process! Whether you choose to use the photoshoot to provide a gift or simply to get more confidence, boudoir photoshoots can be an incredibly empowering, positive experience.

Boudoir photography can be just as beneficial and empowering to men as it is to women! I’m dedicated to changing the idea that boudoir shoots are only for women. When you schedule a boudoir shoot with me, you can be confident that you will have the most comfortable, positive experience possible. I’ll also make sure that you get some great photos that will increase your confidence. To learn more about my men’s boudoir services or to chat about your own shoot, feel free to reach out to me!