Monthly Photo Subscription with Custom Quality Photos

Photography can make or break your brand image. That's why I wanted to put together a special offer for local businesses. This offer allows local business owners along the Wasatch Front to receive custom, branded, images on a month to month or every other month basis. The images can be used on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. Also, you'll have the ability to post your custom images on your business website for all to see. Showcase your brand in the best light possible, by getting crisp, clean, and dynamic images that will capture your ideal client. Below are the different pricing packages for this subscription-based photography service.

Basic package: 20 photos of whatever product or service you need. This package gives you enough content to post four times a week on social media platforms.

Premium package: 35 photos. This package gives you enough content to post every day on social media.

Ultra package: 60 photos - This package gives you the ability to post up to two times a day on social media for a month, or the ability to post once a day on social media for two months. 

If you sign a 6-month contract, you will save $25 off your package per month. Please be aware that some package pricing might need to be altered according to your business' needs, and according to location.

Below are some of the local businesses in the Salt Lake and Wasatch Front area that have used my services.