Commercial Photographer

Bountiful & Salt Lake City

Elevate Your Business. Providing high-quality images to represent you and your brand

Hi, I am Laurence Boswell.

I am a commercial photographer based out of Bountiful, Utah. There is nothing more valuable to a company than visual representation of what they stand for. I have been passionate about photography for most of my life, fascinated by how much can be expressed in one single image. Have you ever had a photo leave you speechless? Or make you ponder about a particular topic for a while? The power of photography is immense. That's why I'm a commercial photographer: to let your audience connect with your brand or image and leave them wanting more. With advanced Photoshop skills, and an artistic eye, I build content for branding and marketing. My style and art can be summed up as moody, dramatic, modern, and dynamic. I work with small and large companies in the Bountiful and Salt Lake City area, creating custom photos that bring power to their brand.