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Why Do You Need A Professional Business Headshot?

A professional headshot conveys the feel of your business/company

In this day and age, appearances are essential! I want to take some time to discuss the importance of professional business headshots, as well as all of the benefits that you can gain from having professional business headshots taken. I have worked with many different businesses to tailor professional headshots. These headshots are often used to optimize their image and convey the feel of their company.

I Hate Getting My Picture Taken

I understand that getting your picture taken is stressful, but I will take that stress away

As a photographer, I want to make sure that you are comfortable in front of the camera. I want you to feel good, see yourself in the best light, and get a picture that you love. Taking the stress away is my first step in the process. I help prepare clients for their headshot by sending an easy-to-read pdf of how to best prepare for your headshot session, including tips on what to wear. Whether you are getting your business headshot taken in my studio, or on-site, I make sure everything is set up and ready to go. Once in front of the camera, I find your best angles and talk you through the whole process, including posing and expressions. You don't have to do any work, just show up, smile, and enjoy the session!

Help Grow Your Online Presence


Every business wants to come across as professional. When you look professional, potential consumers will have more trust in the quality of your services. When you have headshots taken by a professional, you will be able to ensure that your business conveys a professional image and tone. I can also help you to ensure that your business’s headshots are designed specifically to meet your business’s personal aesthetic or branding. Google recognizes when a company uploads professional headshots of the owner and their employees, and in turn, boosts your online presence.

Customer Reviews

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Benefits of Getting a Professional Business Headshot


Remaining competitive enables you to be more successful in your particular industry. When you get professional business headshots, you will be able to ensure that you stand apart from your competition. This can help to give you an edge in the business world. Your reputation is an important part of keeping your company competitive. When you work with me for your professional business headshots, you can be confident that your headshots will give you a competitive advantage in your industry.


First impressions have a huge impact. Most people form an impression within a matter of moments and this impression will impact the likelihood that they will do business with you. When you use professional business headshots for your company, you will be able to make a better first impression on your customers. This can increase your sales, as well as expand your customer base. By utilizing professional headshots for your business, you will be able to better leverage your company’s website and marketing strategies.


Confidence is an incredible asset in the professional world. When you are confident that you look good and convey professionalism in your headshots, you will be much more confident in your interactions with consumers. This can help you to have much better interactions and can even benefit other aspects of your life, such as your personal relationships.


Without professional headshots, your consumers may look at your business as a faceless entity that is separate from themselves. This does little to build any kind of emotional connection. My professional business headshots will put your humanity at the forefront, which will often change the perception of your consumers. This ensures that they see you as another person, just like them. With these business headshots, you will be able to build emotional connections with your consumers. I can help you to take the right headshots that will express your personality and enable you to form closer connections with your customers.


Cohesive branding is essential on a subconscious level, which is why it is all too commonly overlooked. When your branding is inconsistent, customers will subconsciously note this inconsistency. They will then assume that your services or products are equally inconsistent. When you have professional business headshots taken with me, I will ensure that the headshots are created to match your existing branding. This goes a long way toward increasing the trust of your consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

My studio is located at 1186 E 4600 S #100, Ogden, Utah 84403.


Yes, I am mobile so I can come to your place of work without a problem! All I need is a bit of space in an empty room to set up. This optional is especially nice for bigger corporations or businesses that don't want to send their employees to my studio.

What type of backdrops do you have? And do you have other colors than black?

I use paper backdrops for a very clean, crisp look. I have a dark grey, black, blue, green, and beige.

How Much Is a Headshot Session?

Premium Package: $350, comes with 5 images.

Single Headshot: $100, comes with 1 image.

Pricing varies for groups, or several headshots scheduled by corporations/businesses. Call to schedule.

Is there a deposit?

Yes, there is a deposit to reserve your session in my calendar. Deposits range from $75 to $250, depending on how many people are getting their headshots taken.

What do I wear?

That's a great question! I send out a PDF with some tips for your headshot before the session. One major thing is to avoid wearing white unless you're layering it. Also, avoid distracting patterns, we want to focus on your face, not so much on your clothes.

Is the photo I'm receiving high-resolution?

Yes! I want to make sure you have a high-quality photo that you can use on any social media platform and your website. Since you will be looking high-quality, we also want your photo to be high-quality.

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