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Telling Your Story

Using custom professional photos to communicate your passion

The branding of your business will have a huge impact on your reputation, image, and perceived trustworthiness. Creating custom photos helps to ensure that the images you use for your business are aligned with your business’s own branding. This is essential in maintaining your customer base, as well as increasing the trust that new customers have in your business. I will help you to design and create the ideal custom photos to match your existing branding.

But, Why Do I Need Custom Photos?

Custom photos help grow your online presence

Your business needs custom photos when you want to grow your business, forge a deeper connection with your customers, or ensure more consistent branding. Custom photos can make a substantial difference to the effectiveness of the various marketing strategies that you implement, as well as the way customers perceive your business. Plus, Google will rank your website higher in search results when it recognizes you have custom photos.

How Can I Prepare for My Branding Shoot?

When you know what to expect, you can prepare accordingly

There are several ways that you can focus on preparing for your branding shoot. You can prepare effectively by setting up a free 15-minute phone consultation, bringing ideas to the table including your existing branding color palette, and letting the photographer do all the work. When you are branding your company or business, preparation can make all the difference in the end result. As a professional branding photographer, I work closely with you to ensure that you get photos that showcase your brand. I pay special attention to color combinations, the environment where the shoot will take place, and product placement. It's essential to create branded photos that really make you and your brand stand out!

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Benefits of Using Custom Photos for Your Brand

Improve your products display

Poorly displayed products will be difficult to sell. When you ensure that your products are displayed appropriately and effectively with custom photos, you will be able to boost your sales. The display of your products will have a huge impact on how appealing these products are to your customers. If you are having difficulty selling your product or ensuring it is as appealing as possible, you will likely want to invest in custom photos.

Obtain Cohesive Branding

Inconsistent branding can lead to all kinds of problems with your customers. When your branding is inconsistent, your consumers will subconsciously lose trust in your products or services, assuming that they will be similarly inconsistent. Custom photos can help to ensure that you are able to keep your branding consistent across the board. When your branding is more consistent, you will be able to improve the trust of your customers and ultimately enhance their loyalty.

Forge a Personal Connection With Consumers

Forging a personal connection with your consumers often helps to create an enhanced sense of loyalty. If you are having difficulty forming this connection with your consumers, custom photos can be an excellent strategy to do so. Text can only do so much for your business. In fact, text that lacks photos may be unable to attract customers to the content in the first place. An image is worth a thousand words, after all, so custom photos are an excellent way to create this personal connection between your business and your customers.

Get Found on Google

A website will be ineffective if it can’t be found. Adding custom photos to your website content will improve its SEO value, which will ensure that it ranks more highly in internet searches. By adding these images, you will be better positioned to market your business.

Gain and edge on the competition

As the era of internet marketing grows, the competition just gets fiercer. Due to this, it is important to take whatever steps that you can to remain competitive. Custom photos enable you to get an edge on your competition. Staying competitive is essential in maintaining a successful business. If you don’t have custom photos, you will lose consumers to companies that do have these custom photos. These photos can give you a substantial advantage over your competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service?

I primarily service areas along the Wasatch Front in Utah, however, for an additional fee I am able to travel out of state. Depending on the aesthetic you are going for, I also have a studio located at:

12558 S Pony Express Rd, Draper, Utah 84020

How Long Are The Sessions?

Branding sessions can range from a 2-hour shoot to a 4-hour shoot, depending on the project and what is required.

Do I need to provide models?

Yes, unless you are a service-based company (such as a chiropractor or dentist) and prefer using your own clientele for the shoot. For product shoots and bigger projects, I do require models.

Can I ship you my product?

Yes! If you have a product that can be easily shipped, I can take photos of it in the studio with a backdrop that matches your brand. If a model is required (such as for clothing brands), then sizes will need to be discussed before shipping.

How Much Is a Branding Session?

My prices start at $100* an image. If models are needed on set, then an additional fee will be required.

*Plus tax. Additional fees required for print use.

Is there a deposit?

Yes, a $150 deposit is required in order to book a session and keep your spot reserved in my calendar.

Are the photos I'm receiving high-resolution?

Yes! I want to make sure you have high-quality photos that you can use on your website and on any social media platform. Since we want your business to look high-quality, we also want your photo to be high-quality.

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