Studio Lighting Mentorship

One-on-one mentoring for photographers wanting to learn the basics of studio lighting.

Studio Lighting Mentorship

Price: $350 Per Session.

Place: To be determined.

Length: 3 Hour mentorship (includes 15-minute break). Lighting equipment will be provided for you. 

***Course Prerequisite: Must bring your own DSLR camera.

Come join Laurence Boswell in this exclusive one-on-one mentorship that will teach you the advanced skills of studio lighting. This in-person course will help you understand how to use lighting equipment to light your subject properly, and create portfolio worthy work! First, learn how to use one light source to create dramatic portraits. Second, add a second light source to make your photos pop all while getting one-on-one feedback from the instructor to improve your skills. This lighting course will help you take your photography to the next level. Below are the descriptions of each mentoring session and what you'll be learning in each.

Session 1: Mastering lighting techniques using one light source

  • Understand the difference in lighting techniques, such as flat light, butterfly light, split light, Rembrandt light, etc. 
  • Work with an umbrella and speed light to create the desired look.
  • Practice lighting a model properly.
  • Get creative and use your new knowledge to create portfolio worthy work.

Session 2: Using multiple light sources

  • Add a second light source to create more dynamic images.
  • Measuring and evaluating light using your histogram.
  • Learning to avoid subjects blending into the background.
  • Understanding how to use natural light as your second light source.
  • Working with a model to create a powerful concept.
female model butterfly lighting studio mentorship
salt lake city female model lighting mentorship
editorial photo of female model using studio lighting
mastering Rembrandt lighting with female model in salt lake city

Mentorship Highlights

  • Learn the basics of using off-camera flash. 
  •  Acquire knowledge about specific camera settings for off-camera flash.
  • Work with a model to practice and build your portfolio. 
  • Understand the difference in lighting techniques, such as flat light, butterfly light, split light, Rembrandt light, etc. 
  • Receive personal one-on-one feedback while practicing studio lighting. 
  • Become familiar with different light modifiers, such as softboxes, umbrellas, and ring lights. 
  • Obtain a free PDF of information after the course with tips on how to master lighting and where to buy start-up equipment. 

lighting mentorship teaching photographers how to use off camera flash or ring lights
Female Model Photoshoot Salt Lake City

Reserve Your Seat Now

Please fill out the form below to sign up for a one-on-one mentorship. Once the form is filled out, Laurence will call you and confirm a date and time to run the mentorship. Payment includes $350 plus tax.