Headshots, Headshots, and More Headshots!

Headshots are essential in this day and age if you want to stand out. A professional headshot with a professional headshot photographer can make a huge difference in your online presence and marketing efforts. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

As a local salt lake city headshot photographer, I offer different location options for headshot sessions. The three options are: in my studio, at your place of work, or outdoor on location. Let's discuss the benefits of each and which option would suit your needs best. 

Headshots in my studio, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, are an excellent choice for individuals and large companies. If you are a sole entrepreneur or small business owner, then coming to my studio would be the easiest option for getting a professional headshot. I have a variety of backdrop options in my studio, and several dedicated time slots available for headshots. Check out my booking page here to schedule your next headshot. Headshots in the studio are also an option for any large company that wants to send new hires and obtain a cohesive look from one employee to the next. If you are a large company looking to hire out headshots for your employees, contact me about rates. 

Another option for headshots is your own office space. As a local Utah headshot photographer, I have the capability of traveling and bringing all of my equipment to your space. This is an excellent choice for medium-sized businesses with about 5 to 20 employees. I have a variety of backdrops I can bring on-site, or shoot using your office space as a background. Set up is quick and easy, and sessions are generally about an hour or two on-site. I understand that businesses are busy, and sending multiple employees to my studio can be a pain, and take away from production. Hence, traveling to you is a perfect way to get headshots of all of your employees in one place, especially after a weekly or monthly staff meeting! Contact me here to schedule your session, or visit my headshot page and set up an appointment using my online calendar link. 

The last location that works for headshots is outdoors. Keep in mind, outdoor headshots work great during the spring, summer, or fall. Outdoor headshots are a perfect way to showcase your employees in a natural environment or get a different aesthetic, using architecture or plants to mimic your branding. Outdoor locations can be beneficial for anyone who wants a headshot. We can meet up in a park, or cityscape, or do headshots right outside your office if the aesthetic works out. Regardless of location, I work with individuals and companies to get the best look for their brand.

If you are a Utah-based company, whether big or small, don't wait to get your headshot taken! Stand out from the crowd by working with a professional headshot photographer who will make you look like a businessman/businesswoman. Schedule your next headshot session today.