Headshot Photography is More Than Just a Picture

Headshot photography is considered a service-based industry, and for a reason. Running a full-time photography business here in Utah, I've learned a lot about how photography is more than just a camera. Taking photos and getting your photo taken is a full-blown experience, one that most clients do not forget. Hence, photography is considered service-based because you are interacting, communicating, and helping people become comfortable in front of the camera. 

From the initial inquiry, and as a professional headshot photographer, I am very straightforward with my clients. I let them know how many images I am handing over, what the process looks like when getting their headshot taken, and the total price. It's important to set up clear expectations for every client who inquires about my headshot sessions. I want all of my clients to be knowledgeable throughout the whole process. Communication is key when it comes to letting know what I offer, but also what my client is expecting out of the photo shoot. If my client has any special requests or wants a particular look, then I make sure that is communicated and noted before they book their headshot session. I've had several clients that wanted a slightly different feel to their headshot, and with enough information and planning beforehand, we were able to achieve the correct look for them. 

Communication is not only key to creating a successful photo shoot, but also helping my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera when they arrive. Some clients are self-conscious about the way they look in front of the camera, and it's important to address any issues or concerns during their headshot session. Oftentimes, I find that clients prefer one side of their face photographed versus the other side of their face. Clients with longer hair tend to be more self-conscious about any hairs sticking out, or looking funny in camera. Some clients express concern about blemishes or features on their faces and neck that they dislike. That is why during every headshot session I make sure to show my clients the back of my camera so that they can see for themselves the types of images we are getting, what they look like, and if we need to make any adjustments. In addition, to help my clients even further, I make sure during my editing process that I remove any outstanding blemishes, whispy hairs, and bright spots on the skin. If a client is dissatisfied with the result of their headshot session, then I offer them a reshoot. I want every client to walk away feeling good about their headshot and proud to use it everywhere. 

There is a lot that goes into being a professional headshot photographer in Draper, Utah, but one this is for certain: Photography is all about creating a comfortable and inviting experience. At the end of the day, clients want to be satisfied with their headshot, but also satisfied with the whole process, from the inquiry stage, to the photo shoot. I make sure that every client feels taken care of all along the way. Click here to find out more about headshot session pricing and availability. I would love to work with you!