Phones Just Don't Do the Job...

In today's world, technology is always changing, and rapidly. There's a new phone on the market every year, with faster processing speeds, more storage, and a better camera. However, some business owners make the mistake of thinking that a phone camera is up to speed with a digital or mirrorless professional camera. Although phone cameras are nice, they are not built like professional cameras. Therefore, if you're taking your headshots using your new iPhone 13 or Google Pixel phone because it's jammed pack with X amount of pixels and has 4K resolution, you might want to reconsider. You might be able to take a nice selfie with some good window light, but the quality of your photo is not the same as getting a professional headshot from a professional Utah photographer. Here are three reasons why phones don't cut it when it comes to taking professional headshots:

Number 1: Phones have a fixed camera lens, whereas professional cameras allow you to change out lenses. 

Iphones, or android phones, with multiple cameras on the back, still don't have the right lens to get a professional headshot. Whether you are familiar with the photography world or not, professional headshot photographers choose the correct lens with the right focal length to make sure you look your best. For instance, I shoot with a 70-200 mm canon rf lens, and zoom in or out according to the shape of my client's face, the distance they are from me, and how I want the background to look. That's a lot of versatility and moving parts that phones don't offer. Sure, you can switch between your regular camera to your wide-angle camera, but you'll get quite the distortion on the face. When getting a professional headshot, you want to make sure your face is not distorted. In addition, I can switch out my 70-200mm canon lens if I want to get a particular look or need to cater to the environment where my subject is placed. Phones don't let you switch out lenses, and the cameras that are already on phones are limited in what they can do. Therefore, it's essential to hire a professional headshot photographer so that you look your best in front of the camera and that the correct lenses and camera settings are used.

Number 2: Phones lack lighting. 

Photography is all about lighting. You can have the fanciest or simplest camera in the world, but if you don't know how to properly light your subject, the photo will not turn out. The same concept goes for phones. Yes, I will admit that you can get decent photos on a phone with the right kind of lighting. However, when it comes to professional headshot photography, a professional photographer would have studio lights and softboxes to help shape and distribute light across the face in a flattering manner. As far as I know, there are no triggers for phones to hook up to studio equipment and vice versa, and even if there were, again, the phone lacks equipment such as lens options and other settings that you can only find on professional cameras. The best thing you are stuck with when using a phone is natural light, which can change any hour of the day. Professional headshot photography can be done any time of day because it is often not dependent on outside or natural light, but rather on the studio equipment that is being used. 

Number 3: The quality is not the same on a phone camera versus a professional camera. 

The quality of a photo is determined by a few different factors. They are as follows: ISO, lens choice and glass, lighting, and megapixels. Although phones have come a long way, they still are lacking a few key components to make photos crystal clear. For instance, a phone can pack a ton of megapixels, but the glass on the phone's camera lens might not be the best quality. In addition, phones often automatically bump up the ISO, making photos brighter but when zoomed in, a lot grainier. Last but not least, phones compress photos differently than a professional cameras. Although it is possible to take a quality photo on a phone, given just the right circumstances and setup, oftentimes someone inexperienced with lighting and photography will not be able to achieve such a look. Plus, again, when compared side by side with a photo taken on a professional camera, phone photos still don't hold the same sharpness, detail, and clarity as a professional camera. That's why it's essential to hire a professional photographer with professional equipment, and years of experience to capture quality photos. 

Moral of the story: Don't use your "fancy" phone camera to take a professional headshot. Hire a professional headshot photographer to get the best quality and to make your photo stand out from the crowd. Your clients will notice the difference. 

Still convinced that a phone photo is better than a professional photo? Send me a message so I can hear your feedback and explanation. For those wanting to see how professional photos make a difference, then head on over to my business headshot page for examples. As a professional headshot photographer in Draper, Utah, I work with many companies and individuals along the Wasatch Front. My studio is located in Draper, but I also travel to companies and businesses for headshot sessions. Contact me here or check out my headshot page for pricing and availability. For more tips on how professional photography can make a difference for your company, then head on over to my blog page, or check out The Benefits of Corporate and Business Headshots.