Why it's so Important to get Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are used to help capture an incredibly important time in your child’s life. In order to obtain the best senior portraits possible, it is often necessary to ensure that you do a little planning and work with a professional. The spring months tend to be the ideal time to have senior portraits taken. If you want beautiful pictures for your senior portraits, it may be time to start planning for your senior’s session, so you can ensure the portraits are taken at the right time and place to convey your child’s personality. Our experts at Boswell Photography are happy to provide you with top-notch senior portrait services to meet your child’s needs. 

Senior Portraits Emphasize a Rite of Passage

The senior year is a rite of passage! Your senior will be completing high school and moving on to the next phase in their life, whether they choose to join the working world, attend college, or pursue another path. When you obtain the ideal senior portraits, you will be able to more effectively celebrate this transition, as well as provide support throughout the upcoming changes. Everyone should feel happy and confident with their own senior portraits, which is why it is critical to work with a professional in order to have these needs met. 

You Can’t Put a Price on Experience

When you are searching for the right option for your senior’s portraits, it will be important to work with an individual that is experienced in working with children. At Boswell Photography, Laurence Boswell has extensive experience working with children and is focused on ensuring they remain comfortable and confident throughout the shoot. He spent several years as a youth counselor, where he worked with kids between 14 and 18 years of age, as well as additional time at a facility working with teenagers on the autistic spectrum. This ensures that he has the skills necessary to work with children and help them remain comfortable. 

For most teenagers, their senior portraits will be the first professional pictures they have taken. It is important to work with an expert to ensure that they are comfortable throughout the entire experience. This will also ensure that they are able to obtain the best guidance throughout their session. When you schedule your senior portraits with Boswell Photography, you can be confident that your child will have a great experience and that the shoot will be tailored to exhibit their own personality. 

Portray their Personality

Your child is a unique person, which is what makes them so special. Due to this, the best senior portraits won’t follow a “one size fits all” approach. At Boswell Photography, we believe that senior portraits should be carefully crafted to showcase the personality of your child. From their look to the location, every aspect of their senior portrait will be designed to express their personality and showcase what makes them unique and wonderful. 

Our Senior Portrait Sessions

The senior portrait sessions at Boswell Photography are designed to provide the best possible experience and product for your child’s senior portraits. The sessions are one hour long and can be held at many different locations throughout the Wasatch Front. In order to most effectively portray their personality, the location will be chosen based on whatever will be most fitting for them. This may be a botanical garden, the nature center of a park, or a skate park, depending on the child and their own personality. We are happy to work with you in order to ensure that the location is perfect for all of their needs. 

Capture Memories to Last a Lifetime

With each senior portrait session, you will receive a handful of high-resolution photos that can be downloaded and printed. This helps you to capture memories that last a lifetime. Since the senior year is such a critical part of your child’s life, you’ll want to be able to retain this memory. These portraits also tend to be the ones that you use for graduation announcements and other uses. By obtaining the ideal senior portraits for your child, you will be able to share your cherished memories with all of the other people you love. Working with us at Boswell Photography will ensure you can obtain a senior portrait to meet all of your needs. 

Choosing the Right Month

In order to get the ideal senior portraits to meet your needs, you will want to ensure that you decide on the time of year that will best suit your child. March, April, and May are often perfect months to get your senior portraits done. During these months, the weather will be starting to warm up and flowers begin to bloom, so these months are ideal for beautiful senior portraits. We can help you to decide on the right time of year for your child’s senior portraits. We also want to ensure that your senior has their pictures in time to send our graduation announcements, so it's important to get your pictures done during these months. At Boswell Photography, we make sure to get your photos back in a timely manner.

Senior Portraits are a Reward

Your child worked hard to get through school. Allow senior portraits to be both a reward and celebration of this incredible achievement. These portraits will help them to remember the work they put into school and helps them to be proud of their own accomplishments. When you ensure that you have the ideal senior portraits, this reward will make an even greater impact. Celebrating accomplishments is also a great way to motivate your children to continue to work toward their aspirations. 

Senior portraits can be an important part of your senior’s life. By getting the best possible portraits, you will be able to boost your child’s confidence and help them with this incredible transition in their life. At Boswell Photography, we offer excellent senior portrait services to ensure that your child can get the best senior portraits to meet all of their specific needs and expectations. These services are customized to convey the personality of your child and ensure they can put their best foot forward. For more information about the importance of senior portraits and the services that we offer, contact us at Boswell Photography today!