What to Know About Product Photography

The first thing you need to know about product photography is that it's not just for photographers anymore. Product photography has become an essential marketing tool for every business, and with the right photographer or studio, your product will look its absolute best! Product photography entails understanding how to capture product properly, using the right lighting set up, composition, and color scheme.

So, what are some key things to remember when doing product photography?

You want to use lighting that is flattering and makes your product stand out.

Lighting can range from harsh, flat lighting to soft, diffused lighting. Lighting can also be different, depending on if you use natural light from a window or artificial light from studio lights. The lighting will determine the mood and feel of your product, that's why it's essential to know how to use it properly. Hiring a professional photographer who understands lighting will make your product stand out in the best way. If you look at the following two examples, you'll see a difference in feel and mood of the same product. One is dark, crisp and modern. This photo makes the product look like it's the cutting edge product, top of the line, and is used by professionals everywhere. The other photo is a bit softer, and creates a homey type environment. This product can be used by anyone, and is presented in a warm setting. The two images communicate to different audiences in various ways, owing to the lighting of the items. Lighting has a huge role in how your product is perceived.


Think of color schemes and keep them neutral or complimentary; this way colors will make the product pop. Colors also play a major role in how your product is perceived. Green tones invite feelings of health and wellness, while red tones invite action, and produces emotions like excitement and passion. When looking for a professional photographer, you want to make sure that they understand color scheme and how to properly capture color. Product photography should be more than just taking pictures of your product on its own; it's about creating an image consumers will remember when buying from your business. Product photography can mean creating a mood and atmosphere with color that will entice buyers to your business. Color is essential to creating an emotional connection with your audience and showcasing your product properly. At Boswell Photography, we make sure to use our expertise knowledge about color to make your product stand out in the best way possible.


It's also important to pay attention to background images so they don't interfere with your subject. For instance, too many shapes or symbols in the background could take away from your client paying attention to your product, and instead trying to figure out what's blurred out in the background. Product photography should always be crisp and clear, with a clean background. Product photos are not the place to get artsy or flashy because you want your product to stand out! You also should keep in mind that it's more important for products with some texture or contrast—like wood veneer tables or matte finish accessories—to have sharp details than it is for products with a smooth surface.

Also, make sure that you are clear on the final image before you hire someone for product photography; this way there's no room for confusion about how you want the final product photography to look like. For example, if you are selling furniture and it's going on a white background, make sure your product photographer knows that before they do their job because this is something they might not have considered when setting up the shoot. Product photography can take time depending on what type of image or scene you are trying to achieve, so make sure that product photographer knows what your expectations are before the shoot.

People are visual creatures: we need images in order to understand what it is that you’re trying to convey to us. Product photography is a perfect way to use the power of imagery in order to get people interested and engaged with your brand, product, or service. Product images should be clear and easy for customers to view in order for them understand what it is that you are trying to sell, which means professional photos.

Professional product photographs can set you apart from your competitors, and gives a better idea to customers what it is that you’re selling. Product photographs can help improve conversion rates in sales by as much as 20%, which makes them an extremely powerful tool for any business looking to increase their online presence. Product photography isn't just about getting the image right; they should also be used in conjunction with other marketing strategies to help create a cohesive brand identity for your business or service. Product photography entails understanding what makes good product photographs, how they should be used, and the best practices in general when it comes to photographing products of any kind.

Knowing how to properly capture product is essential for any business wanting to get their name and products out there. Product photography entails understanding how to best convey your product using the right lighting set up, composition, and color scheme. Product photographs should be used on a brand’s website or sales pages in order to attract customers, but images need to be enticing enough to compel customers to purchase your product. Product photography is a great way for any business or brand of products, big and small alike, to grow their customer base by drawing attention through the power of imagery.

Make sure you hire a professional Product Photographer, like Boswell Photography, that can get your Product Photography done right for you, so that it helps to enhance the image of your brand and product. Call today to get a free quote or check out other products and services that Boswell Photography has photographed.