The Importance of Different Types of Headshots

Why do you need a headshot in the first place? Let's first discuss a few reasons why you need a headshot to begin with. Here are a few:

  • Headshots are a powerful marketing tool
  • Headshots help potential clients remember your brand more easily and differentiate it from other companies
  • Headshots allow you to be represented in the right light for who you are as an individual or company. The beauty of custom photography is that we can cater to someone's aesthetic and branding, which allows each company to portray their brand in the right light.

The headshot is actually one of the most important elements of your branding. It's what people see first and it tells them who you are before they even read your website or social media profiles. But headshots come in all shapes and sizes, so how do you know which one to choose? In this blog post, I'll introduce three different headshot styles: beauty headshots for makeup artist and beauty pageant contestants, business headshots for real estate agents and corporations, and outdoor headshots for environmentalist.


Let's first talk about beauty headshots. This headshot style is designed for people usually in the beauty industry, although it doesn't always have to be that way. This type of headshot should be bright, light-filled photos with clean backgrounds that reflect the person's personality and show their natural skin texture. The photo of above was taken for a local Utah makeup artist. The bright colored background and her face properly exposed showcase her fun personality, and portrays the professionalism of her work.

As a professional headshot photographer, the set up for beauty headshots is different. There are more lights involved to reduce the amount of shadows on the face and neck. This gives the subject a more bright, happy and positive vibe. This is great for anybody with a bubbly personality like makeup artists, pageant contestants and hair stylists. The bright and airy look can also be good for any type of artist or creative. Oftentimes these types of headshots can be taken on a colored background, or a solid white background. The photo below is a perfect example of a beauty shot among a white background, used for a young women running for Miss Utah North America.


The next headshot style is business headshots which are used for corporations, real estate agents or other professionals who need a polished headshot to represent their work online. This type of headshot should be taken indoors with professional backgrounds and less light so that the subject looks more corporate.

As a real-estate agent, or small business owner, you're not going to be so concerned about showing off the makeup on your face, or looking extra fancy for a beauty pageant. It's less about creativity and more about business. Your headshot should make you look good, professional, and yourself in front of the camera. That's why doing business headshots is a little different, and requires a different set up on the photographers part.

The headshot style for business professionals is more classic and conservative. These headshots should be in a dark environment with clean backgrounds that don't distract from the person's face. This headshot type shows professionalism, confidence, success and intelligence. The setting for this headshot consists of two light sources, one which comes from behind or to the side, and the other which brightens the face. These headshots are perfect for business owners, directors and any type of professional who needs to show their expertise. I personally find that when doing corporate or business headshots, I tend to use a dark grey background. It really helps you stand out, and helps the audience focus on you as an individual instead of the background, which could be distracting otherwise.

outdoor headshot of arborist in sandy utah


Lastly, we have outdoor headshots which is the most recent headshot trend in photography. These headshots capture a more natural side of you, and should showcase you in a natural environment that appeals to your brand. They're typically taken outside with various backgrounds in nature, like the woods, or mountainside. The headshots are bold, dynamic and fun-which is perfect for salespeople, creatives and outdoorsy types. These headshots tend to have a natural look with minimal editing that's not too soft nor harsh on your skin. The set up for outdoor photos is a little different, I make sure that they are still professional by bringing extra lighting to brighten your face and expose the environment around you properly. For example, the photo above was taken outside for an arborist. Since his speciality is working on trees all day, it makes sense to take a headshot that showcases just that - him in front of, or among different trees. Although most people believe that taking outdoor photos is perfect of the spring, summer and fall seasons, it is also possible to take outdoor photos in the winter with the proper lighting and equipment. If your company or service has to do with winter, then Boswell Photography has no problem doing outdoor headshots in the cold!

It's important to realize that when getting your headshot taken, you should focus on how your headshot will help brand you as a company. What headshot style will best represent your company? Do you have a corporate headshot that needs to be updated with the new logo or branding of your business? Perhaps it's time for an outdoor headshot because there is now a much more natural, organic vibe to what you do. Or, you're going for more of a bright and polished look this time around? Whatever the case may be, Boswell Photography can achieve the headshot look that you are going for.

Headshots are perfect for any type of company or individual who needs a headshot that will help them stand out in the crowd. Whether you're looking to get business headshots, outdoor headshots or beauty headshots, Boswell Photography can make it happen! For more information on how we do this, feel free to contact me here.